Fun at twilight

Evening concerts on our Town Green offer challenging light and interesting sights – just what I like for twilight photography. It is my custom when arriving on the site to take a quick photo then chimp and check the settings and exposure.

Camera in aperture priority at f/4 with auto-ISO and shutter set to 1/125 second longest time to prevent blurring.

I did that at the July Night Music concert. Clearly the review showed that the bright sky was fooling my camera into underexposing the areas of interest. I upped the exposure compensation and took another shot – 36 seconds later. Here are the SOOC images:

My adjustment seemed satisfactory and I went on to have fun photographing the musicians and the crowd.

Weeks later I had a bit of idle time on my hands and went back to this set of photos. Those first two images sat there, unprocessed, untouched. They were taken from almost the same location and looked almost like from an HDR set. So I thought, why not.

PaintShop Pro has a selection of interesting HDR presets, so I quickly loaded them to see just what might come out of this.

Oh, thrill! PSP could not do a perfect alignment, I must have moved along the path a bit before taking the second shot. And certainly folks moved about. So this made for a fun “photoodle”.

Here is my work-up.

Lots of “split personalities” there.

.:. © 2021 Ludwig Keck

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