Joro Spider

Hereabouts we are just overrun with Joro spiders. They are everywhere. This one decided to string its web between bushes across the walk to our front door. Day before yesterday the web was destroyed when we had some workmen working on the house.

The spider quickly strung its web on one of the bushes. When I checked on the progress this morning, she had abandoned the web on the bush and strung a new one across the walk. Better way to snare visitors, I guess.

The preferred angle toward visitors seems to be upside down and bottom forward. I did photograph her from both sides.

We plan on another “sitting” tomorrow.

Joro spider – bottoms up


  1. These are great spider photos…the webs especially are only seeable in certain light. Joro Spiders…new to me…are gorgeous. They do seem to be enhanced with gold. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Gradmama. These spiders are new to Georgia as well. They likely came in on shipping containers from Asia and found the South to their liking.

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