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Hello, my name is Ludwig Keck – I am a photo enthusiast, amateur artist, teacher, author, avid computer user, and love sharing what I know. My working career was as an engineer in electronics, programming, photographic products, toys, instruments and defense products. Mostly I worked where electronics, programming and photography came together. I started taking pictures some seventy years ago and wrote my first computer program in 1956.

I am an engineer, not a professional artist, my photography is mostly for personal enjoyment, although I like to shoot images that I can use as teaching material – good and bad.

Now retired, I enjoy teaching seniors to use their computers and cameras to the fullest. To this end I have written several books. Some of them are available publicly. I keep several blogs for sharing tips, ideas, images, and websites with personal galleries.

My passion for art predated my photography and I love to use photographs as a basis for artistic manipulations that I call “cafe art”. Silver Canvas is my primary sharing site for cafe art. You can reach it from the Blogs page via the menu page.

Ludwig Keck
Ludwig Keck
Ludwig Keck
Ludwig Keck
Photo by Dorothy Perrucci

To keep my skills sharp I continue to hone my craft by participating in educational seminars and courses, sometimes as a student, sometimes as an instructor.

I do take occasional assignments, mostly in architectural, interior, event and food photography, and portraiture. My “professional” site is Ludwig.Keck.Photography.


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