Day 2 -It gets hard already

Blogging 101 – Day Two: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

One of my frequent laments is “why does everything turn into a learning experience?!” Now I did enter the Blogging 101 course with eyes wide open. I love to learn, have been doing it for over eighty years! I hope to be doing it for a long time to come. But does it have to start out getting hard on only the second day?

Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline.

Explanations may be in order. This blog is on a site that does not show the title and tagline. Well, the title shows sort-of as it appears in the header image and the home page is named “Cafe Ludwig”. This blog page is called “News” and I don’t like that name; I’ll get back to that.

There is a title and tagline, see:


But look at my Customize settings:


The checkbox for “Display Header Text” is un-checked, so it does not show. The reason that the title and tagline are suppressed is due to the theme that I am using.

My theme is “Twenty Sixteen”. This is a modern, beautiful and versatile theme. It does most of what I want. I am using it so my “landing page” resembles a newspaper. There are short excerpts and images from articles that really are on other sites. In the newspaper business (long may it live!) the important news is on the front page and “above the fold”, the part that the reader sees when picking up the paper.

For a website or a blog a visitor first encounters the top part of the page. If there is something interesting there the visitor may continue on and read the main story or click on the headline for another article.

Unfortunately the Twenty Sixteen theme has way too much “whitespace” when viewed on a computer monitor, laptop, or tablet. There is nothing for the visitor to get interested in on my home page. It would be even worse if the title and tagline were showing as they take up even more space at the top. Take a look:


So, no title or tagline on this site. On most of my other blogs I proudly show title and tagline. You can even see some in the snippet images that link to the other blogs.

Now back to this blog on the “News” page. The word “news” is just not representative of chats and musings by me, the “proprietor” of Cafe Ludwig. So what should I call the page for these ramblings? Can you help me out?


© 2016 Ludwig Keck

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