A day for gotchas

There are days like this

It started like any other day. I checked my emails, followed up on a couple, deleted advertising and then came across an email from Quora. Somebody was asking “Why should we use Windows Live Writer”. I had just been checking out some features in the new Open Live Writer so I thought I could supply a quick answer.

My readers know that I like to include some kind of an illustration in my blog posts. I wanted to do the same thing in my Quora answer. The edit window looked like this:


No option to insert an image. No options at all. I finished my answer and published (“Submit”) it.

But the problem kept nagging me. So I wrote a quick post for This ‘n That with the illustration I wanted to include. For reference I also included the code from Quora to link to my answer.

Bad decision. That code includes some no-nos for WordPress.com blogs. On publication WordPress removes “undesirable” code such as Javascript. The link was badly mangled. I revised it to just point to the Quora topic. Here in this blog that code is not affected since this is a self-hosted site.  Here it is:

Read Ludwig Keck's answer to Why should we use Windows Live Writer? on Quora

It should work here. Then I opened my Chrome browser and went over to Quora. Lo and behold. The edit window there includes the toolbar, it looks like this:


So it was the Edge browser that didn’t like Quora! Gotta remember that!

Oh, here is my post on “TnT”.


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