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Monday Window - logo image

… for Monday Window and a new logo

After moving the “home” of Monday Window over to Two Cameras – Two Views I discovered that the blog domain “mondaywindow” was available at Of course I claimed it. Now Monday Window has it own home at

ljk_8853-p-xw1-1024Along with the new home there is also a new logo, maybe I should say a couple of new logos. Here is a photo, part of the recent-most 2C2V post of Windows of Buckhead that seemed to offer an intriguing opportunity.

The perspective correction tool in PaintShop Pro was used to flatten and straighten out the building face. Then I filled panes with a darker blue to form very blocky, lower-case m and w.

Monday Window - logo image

ljk_8853-a6-600Using the fish-eye distortion effect lead to the “window reflection in lens” logo. I am not totally satisfied with this, but it works when reduced to “using” size.

A new banner using the “lens” logo looks like this:


So there you have it. I do plan to keep posting on 2C2V and the “home” of Monday Window on its new site. The number of participants is growing. The site is beginning to look quite nice.


© 2016 Ludwig Keck

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