Growing my Audience

Hardly a day goes by without at least one message in a spam folder that offers sure-fire ways of increasing my readership. Some want to sell me Twitter followers, others offer Facebook friends. It isn’t just those no-name fly-by-nights, but the biggies do it too. Witness Facebook pushing its own advertising.


Why for just $5 I can have 860 people see my site! Can they deliver? Sure, they can place the ad on hundreds of Facebook pages, but entice people to come over to look at my site? Oh, that would be up to me. Of course it is! It always has been thus.

Then there are the “communities” that want my membership. Here is a relatively new blogging service come-on:


This from an email that was sent to me by Niume. “Hi ludwigkeck help your blog posts reach hundreds of thousands of readers by joining our blogging community @ we will tweet your posts :)”

How did they get my email address? Easy, I had joined way back last year to see what Niume was all about. Over the past half year I published 27 posts on Niume of various types, a variety of photos and cafe art.


How many thousands saw my posts? “879 Total Reach” reads my statistics. Not an exactly impressive delivery on their promise.

Well, here in the quiet corner of Café Ludwig I can rest easy in the knowledge the only a few, select friends will see this post. Some of my blogs get good traffic, others are rarely seen. Over the years my experiments have demonstrated how it works, what sells, and what is ignored. Still there are surprises all the time. I will have a story on that another time.


© 2016 Ludwig Keck