An Era Ends

Here, at the end of 2018, we are “blessed” with a revolutionary change from WordPress. Along with WordPress 5 comes the new “block” editor. The fanfares have sounded for many months. The unveiling shows an astonishing lack of understanding of the needs of users.

The many superlative adjectives of ease and speed are empty promises. Photographers, especially, have been totally neglected.

In posts and pages images dominate and have for a long time. Page layout has always been a way to show the personality of the publication.  The new “blocks” make that nearly impossible.

Let’s look at some photo sharing sites.

The above image links to my Flickr site. Note how the photos are laid out in neat rows while maintaining their individual aspect ratios.

These two views link to images on OneDrive.

Here from my Google Photos. For good measure here’s a link to my Pixels store:

This kind of layout, available and standard just about everywhere, can not be done with the “block”-editor as it is today.

The views from OneDrive above are shown in this post in a two-cell table. That is not something the “block”-editor can handle either.

Goodbye dear 2018, so long!

Happy New Year!