It is a delight to see new friends and followers here. This blog rarely gets more than fifty views per month. Yes, it’s a rate day when more than a solitary visitor comes by. This blog is a bit out of the way, it isn’t publicized, few know about it. Yet it is just a couple clicks from any of the posts on the many other sites and blogs for which this site is a gateway.

It is heartwarming to see a few surfers take the trouble to come here, read the posts, and even occasionally leave a comment. Thank you!


… and not so welcome

Strangely, however, it has also attracted hackers from around the world. There is nothing hidden here, no treasures, no names, no numbers, no money, not even an audience of more than just a few. Everything on this site is openly accessible. Yet some try numerous times to get inside by a “back door”.

Getting hacked is annoying, nobody likes it. Every attempt is logged, the IP addresses used and locations are recorded. When a hacker becomes too persistent the misplaced attention is reported. One of the complaints is sent to the FBI.

Others go to “bloodhounds” that work to clean up the internet. If you are a hacker, why not just enjoy what is here? There is nothing else that is hidden or is of value. Take off your mask, say hello, be a friend.

Tattered sunset

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