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A half-year long challenge

Back in July, that was in the middle of that horrid year 2020 when you couldn’t do any traveling or much else, I succumbed and accepted one of those chain-letter challenges. It came from a respected colleague and looked intriguing at first. So I decided to go along. It was simple enough, dig out ten travel photos and post them without detail or explanation, just post them, one a day, in Facebook. But also each day “nominate” a friend to take up the challenge.

With nothing much else to do, I dug into my archives. It was fun looking back at travels far and wide. I decided to concentrate on nearby travel destinations. I set up a folder for the challenge and copied some old photos, including some that I had never processed and shared. The newer utilities from Topaz were immensely useful to pull something useful out of some.

Here are my ten picks.

Since I had a number of photos for each site and figured somebody might be curious I decided to also do a blog post for each with more details.

The project was a bust. No responses to speak of. Hardly anybody saw the photos or the posts. I had posted already seven of my stories over in Two Camera – Two Views when I tired of the whole thing and just let it sit.

The posts for each of the challenge images are over at Two Cameras – Two Views.

I had titled them Challenge 2020 – 1, Challenge 2020 – 2, Challenge 2020 – 3, Challenge 2020 – 4, Challenge 2020 – 5, Challenge 2020 – 6, Challenge 2020 – 7.

AS the end of this dreadful year neared I decided it would really be best to finish up. After all, I had the reprocessed images sitting ready. So in the last couple of days I finished the task with , Challenge 2020 – 8, Challenge 2020 – 9, and Challenge 2020 – 10.

So Prosit Neu Jahr and best wishes for a vintage year in 2021!

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