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My friends are hard to please

Not that I aim my photography and café art toward pleasing my friends. My work is strictly for my own fun. I enjoy doing photography, both before the click and after. Café art is a fun activity for me. Many hours are spend on these endeavors – some might say wasted.

Sharing is part of the fun. Seeing what clicks with others is interesting and often very illuminating. Take my Instragram “likes” as an example. In the past few months I have posted a variety of images, both photos and photoodles. Here are three that I spend a lot of time on, both in the photography and in post processing and photo manipulation. Many hours in fact went into these.

Take a look.

Black and White and a Touch of Gray

The images are shown in the order of their ranking in Likes.

That architectural photo got just 3 Likes. It took several days of planning, three trips to the location, there where nearly 20 exposures and a half dozen stitching sessions. I was quite proud of the result. My friends just passed it by.

The café art piece of Jud Shumway was many hours in the making. It is based on a photo from the Night Music at Town Center, Peachtree Corners, July 10, 2021 with the Sawgrass Blues Band. I knew how I wanted to do this piece but had trouble making up my mind on whether to do it as a dark or light image. Light finally won. Here are the photo and a dark version:

Jud Shumway – Sawgrass Blues Band – Night Music – Town Center – Peachtree Corners

The light version on Instagram garnered 8 Likes.

The daylily is from a collection of flower photos, taken over a couple of weeks. Daylilies are fun, they come, they go. There are several varieties in my set. The one above got 19 Likes on Instagram. Although a fair amount of processing time went into this one, it is the least time-consuming of these three. Clearly my friends liked it best.

Ach the agony ….

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