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A dozen About pages and counting

My friends and followers know that I have a “cloud” of  blogs and sites and thus a ton of About pages. For some months I have been slowly “rationalizing” them.

Each one is a little different, not just in layout and appearance but also in what it tells. It’s all true, and mostly about me. My thinking in the past was that visitors would want to know just a little and be satisfied. Anyone really curious could always follow the links. Trouble is, those links don’t all go to the same place.

Way last year, back in 2015, I started restructuring and updating, and my About pages were high on the list. Around the end of the year it is easy to procrastinate, but now with my participation in Blogging 101 it is:

Day Six: Make an Irresistible “About” Page

The time has come to get serious. Or has it:


So much for the new Back to the Dashboard.

My solution, at least temporarily, is an About page for the site and an About page about myself.   What do think?

About Cafe Ludwig  —  About Ludwig


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