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Day Five: Love Your Theme

This is day five of the Blogging 101 course and the assignment is:

Try out at least three other themes — even if you’re happy with the one you first chose. Try one you’re drawn to, and one you would never use.

This one I have taken it easy on. In the past weeks I started a major overhaul of my sites and Café Ludwig was moved from “hard-coded” to using the WordPress “engine”. In doing so I wanted a theme that closely resembles a newspaper with a masthead and all.

I tried dozens of themes before settling on Twenty Sixteen although I still want some customization on this. You are welcome to check the front page and the blog listing page to see how this is working.



In another role of mine I help artists, photographers, and small businesses with their websites. I generally set them up with a WordPress solution. Finding the right theme always involves trying out a wide variety. To stimulate their thinking I have several “demo” sites, a couple of these are revised to illustrate fitting themes. Here are views of several of my sites. The images link to these dummy demo sites, you are welcome to take a look.





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