A little bit of Background

Showing the background of a blog is a little bit like showing underwear, you want as little as possible seen. When it does show you want it to be pleasing and a nice complement to your personality. Well, for a blog maybe showing just a smidgen more is desirable.

I have worked hard over the years to pick a background to my sites that  “works”.  This site, and a number of others of mine,  use one of my cloud photos to underscore the “cloud” theme, as “Flying in the Cloud with Ludwig”.

Some WordPress themes lend themselves to showing the background well. Here is one on a site that I did for a restaurant using the Confit theme. I photographed the setting inside the establishment just for this background. The image is cropped to remove the logo and other information. In normal view less of the background actually shows (and there is a wide sidebar on the left with the logo and more).


For one of my demonstration sites (over at I used a photo of a cloth napkin for the background and part of it for the header. I think it turned out rather nicely.


Over on my presentation sites Gallery Ludwig and Silver Canvas I use a “canvassy”, black background to offset the dark surround to the images.


For more on my backgrounds, visit my sites, and for more on my background see the About page.


© 2016 Ludwig Keck

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