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Being a good neighbor and getting inspired by neighbors

Participation in Blogging 101 has not only been fun and informative, it has allowed me to visit blogs that were quite new to me. I tried to visit as many of the blogs of my fellow participants as I could find time for. Some of the posts were particularly interesting and I tried to share my thoughts by way of comments.

One post was especially interesting. Visiting friends in Florida on Amelia Island a couple of years ago was for me a very wonderful time, so seeing a photo essay about the place brought up happy memories. The post on the Tiny Lessons Blog is Mysteries in the Fog. Big Guns. And other Adventures on Amelia Island. That may be a long title and the article covers a lot of ground, but it is worth your time to relax and visit a most enchanting place.

Here are some of my photos from my trip to Amelia and the surrounding area.

Making “cafe art”  from photos is one of my fun activities and I used a number of my photos as the base for my art.

Hope you enjoyed the shows!


© 2016 Ludwig Keck


  1. Ludwig, what a nice post about Amelia Island-it looks like you are an artist-you said cafe art-not sure what that means but I do love your renditions. I also noticed how helpful you have been to other bloggers here and give you a thumbs up for that as well. I have 2 blog sites that are about the art I create. I’m always looking for other artists and how they set up their site . and

    1. Thank you, Carol.
      You are very kind. I too like to look at the sites of other artists. Under a different hat I help artists with their sites so I like to stay current. Us artists are a picky bunch, but then how could it be otherwise?
      Your sites look good. We share the “no like, no follow” option on our main sites. Frustrating!

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