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Doors in Sims Park

Thursday Doors: Coming In

Over in Blogging 101 the Day Thirteen task encourages to “Try a Blogging Event”. I looked through the list and and noticed that “Thursday Doors” by Norman Frampton was on the list. I had come across his Norm 2.o site and found the idea of a weekly blog featuring doors intriguing.

So I decided to “come in”. Since I have a number of blogs and sites my first task was to figure out were a weekly photo fits. My choice finally was Ludwig’s Ramblings here at Café Ludwig. This blog could use a little exposure. Since this site runs on WordPress.ORG, “following” this blog is rather complicated and nearly impossible.

Of course, as my friends expect of me, I will make a bit of a project out of this. I did photograph a couple of doors in the past two days, but skimmed through my archives for door photos. I set a number of them aside and will prepare a gallery for just doors in the coming weeks. I look forward to sharing some new and some older door images in the weeks to come.

I will start with a friendly door from Savannah, Georgia.

An inviting door at Bozena’s boutique in Savannah, Georgia

Some doors are very inviting, some not so much. Here is another door from Savannah that may bring a smile on your face.

What the … House – and door – seen in Savannah, Georgia

At least they provide a railing for any surprised guest who might want to step outside.

While I am on the topic of doors that don’t go anywhere, here is a group of those. Just doors.

Doors in Sims Park



© 2016 Ludwig Keck


    1. Thank you, Jean.
      The doohickey in the Reader tell me that you are now a follower. Thank you! It really can be done?!

        1. Glad it works for you! Our washing machine started acting up. No kicks, but it responded to my efforts with a puddle on thee floor. 🙁

    1. Thank you very much, Manja,
      You are right this is not meant to be a competition. I actually have rather few photos of doors in my collection. Seems like I only shoot unusual doors, but I will have others coming up. I will also watch out more for worthy doors. I have a lot of windows and am thinking of doing a similar thing about windows. Would you participate?

      1. 🙂 I only participate in three challenges regularly, but once in a while I might. For me, doors and windows go together well and I’ve done a few posts with both. For sure it’s a good idea, I love to shoot and watch interesting windows.

  1. WordPress is hard to get used to after using Blogger but I think I can get along with it! I love this project and am starting one myself. Doors.
    Who would have thought. Love the barred door high up !

    1. Thanks Val,
      Good to see you “over here”. I am still wondering what is on the other side of that door and why it is there.

    1. Thank you, Norm
      I have started to look differently at doors now that I have joined your project. I was on a shoot a couple of days ago and watched for doors – from both sides! Great idea you had there. I hope I can contribute for quite some time.

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