Monday Window – 1

Window on River Street

So this is number one in my new series “Monday Window“. I took the advise of a respected sage “never start at the beginning”. This then is a window along River Street in Savannah, Georgia.

The two photos here at first glance seem to show different windows. Yet it is one and the same. My point is that windows have many talents. They let you look in or out, but the also reflect the surroundings.

Our window here in one view reflects the modern buildings across the river, in the other it offers the wares of the shop.

Back in the days of sailing ships, River Street was a bustling port, lined with warehouses. The buildings, and the windows in them were simple, utilitarian, not intended as showpieces. They also had functional shutters to protect against the ravages of storms.

Today River Street is reborn as a tourist destination with shops and eating places. A delight to visit. The old buildings have been spruced up but show their character. River Street is a treasure trove of sights, a photographer’s delight.


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