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Introducing “Monday Window”

The final task in Blogging 101 is to create a regular feature. Just a couple of days ago I joined “Thursday Doors” by Norm 2.0. That is such a fun idea, posting a photo of a door once a week, that I decided to do something similar for a regular feature. My new once-a-week post will be around a photo of windows.

Shared fun is so much more rewarding, not to mention inspiring. I invite other bloggers to join me in posting one or more photos of windows once a week. Windows are all around us, some large, some small. Some in buildings, some on other objects. All can make interesting photos.

I have set up a page that explains the activity “Monday Window“. The twist with this project is that all participants post at the same time, no matter where in the world they are blogging from. Each Monday at 20:16 UTC I and my friends,using the “Schedule Post” feature, will get our “Monday Window” posts published. Only after all of us publish will we get to see what our colleagues have picked.

All who read this are invited to participate. You don’t need to commit to doing it for a certain time period – just as long as you enjoy doing it. There is no harm in skipping a week. This is meant as a fun project. It will get us to look around at windows, and doors, an d make our photography more rewarding.

Please join me in this project. Some of the details will change as we adapt to what works.

Come along! Click here: “Monday Window

If you can’t participate, you might enjoy seeing what we are doing. Add the tag “Monday Window” to your WordPress Reader and click it once a week.


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  1. Ludwig, this looks like a lot of fun. I don’t know how often I will come up with photos of windows that figure into my blog, but when I can, I will participate. Thanks for the invitation!

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