Change Happens

It started here, in this out-of-the way, hard-to-get-to corner of the internet. A bit more than a year ago my curiosity led me to sign up for Blogging 101 at the WordPress Blogging University. You can see the badge and link in the sidebar at the right. That in turn led me to participate in a weekly challenge, Thursday Doors, and my enthusiasm to starting Monday Window. The first posts for these activities are right here in this blog.

WordPress made it almost impossible for a self-hosted blog to be seen and to get followers in the WordPress Reader, so my post migrated over to Two Cameras – Two Views and Monday Window.

It was a wonderful experience, meeting new friends, seeing wonderful places from all over the world. It also took a lot more energy than I can muster and I neglected my other blogs. So I decided to step back from weekly posts to those challenges and visit with my friends in my other nooks and crannies.

I had two interesting surprises this week. One of them is illustrated to the right.

I got a congratulatory badge from WordPress. Five total followers on Cafe Ludwig!

Now that is something. Maybe WordPress made some changes allowing readers to see this blog and to follow it.

Welcome, new-found friends! You will find that here at Ludwig’s Ramblings the news is infrequent. But just click the logo bar or the Blogs tab for quick access to my (too many) blogs. There you can see my latest posts.

One other blog of mine is not (yet) shown along with my others. About a year and a half ago I learned of another new blogging service. Always curious I joined Niume. That blogging community is organized in topic “spheres”. It promised vast readership, and more recently even profit sharing. I tried a variety of different post topics and styles to see what would find readers. Few of my Niume posts got many views, some received a nice number of “hypes”, the equivalent of “likes”. My attempt with a short story in the Humour sphere (it is British endeavor) fell flat. My post Thistle Seed in the Art sphere, however, was really popular and zoomed to the top of my posts in hypes. I have since posted that image elsewhere and it is being well received.

Thistle Seed

Well, this has been quite a ramble, thank you for joining me.


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